1. Child’s birth certificate
  2. Child’s social security card (if you do not have one, please inform us)
  3. Parent or legal guardian’s driver’s license
  4. House deed, lease or rent receipt
  5. Gas bill, water bill, house insurance verification or Alabama Power bill (any two)
  6. Legal guardianship papers if you are not the parent
  7. Child’s current Immunization record issued by a Health Dept

(Copies will be made of original documents and returned to you)

Your child will possibly be marked absent for full day and/or miss graded classwork

Report cards are issued once every nine weeks. Progress reports are sent home at the midpoint of each nine weeks. This is typically during the fifth week of the grading period. 

In order to help us monitor students at dismissal, all changes of this nature must be submitted in person before 2:30 PM on the date of change. All bus requests are done in person and routes will be selected by the parents.

Please call the school’s office, send a note or email the teacher to schedule parent-teacher conferences 24 hours in advance. The teacher will confirm the date and time of your conference.

Breakfast is served Monday – Friday from 7:20 AM – 7:50 AM.

Students are tardy at 8:00 AM by the office clock. Late arrivers will need a parent/guardian to sign them in. The student will be provided a pass to class. 

Breakfast will cost $1.00 and lunch will cost $2.75 per student. Milk is included with breakfast and lunch.

School begins at 7:50 AM and students will be tardy at 8:00 AM. School will end at 2:50 PM.

The first step is to complete an application. This year they are online. Next, await a letter that says accepted or denied. Application turnaround is usually 10 days.

Parents will need to pay for breakfast and lunch if a student is denied free or reduced lunch from the first date that a meal was served to him/her. Forms must be completed each year. This year, forms can be completed online.

Mr. Ash is available daily  for parent/guardian conferences? Feel free to email aash@gadsdencityschools.org or call 256-546-8616. Mr. Ash schedules all parent/guardian conferences. 

O​​​​ur vision is to embrace a mindset of excellence in every task we approach and perform. We want to maximize the instructional day. A mindset of excellence is a growth mindset that strives for daily improvements. 

Our​​​​ mission is to provide our students with the necessary tools to be successful which will empower them for life. 

We believe in educating the whole child socially, emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Elementary is a crucial time to instill greatness in our children. 

Please join Striplin’s Parent Teacher Student Organization. Email Mr. Ash at aash@gadsdencityschools.org or call 256-546-8616 for the signup information.