W.E. Striplin Elementary Reopening Plan

September 24, 2020 aash Blog

W.E. Striplin Elementary 

Reopening Plan 


Guide for Parents 

This plan was developed using the ALSDE guiding principles covered in the Roadmap to Reopening Alabama Schools. 

This plan is subject to change in accordance with the Alabama Department of Public Health recommendations and Gadsden City Schools. As guidelines are updated, the plan will be updated accordingly and parents will be notified.  


Safety Guidelines
Guidelines Masks Masks are required to be worn by students grades 2 and up. Masks are mandatory on school buses. 



Face shields will be provided for every student in the building by the Gadsden City School System. The shields will stay at school and they will be sanitized daily and left on your child’s desk for use the next morning. 
Social Distancing– 

This will vary by classroom square footage and number of students. The maximum amount of social distance that the space allows will be adhered. Consideration has been given to all school procedures, such as waiting in line and restroom breaks to ensure proper social distancing. Floor signage has been placed in common areas to assist with social distancing. 
Water Bottles– 

Water fountains have been disabled. Students may bring multiple disposable water bottles to keep with them throughout the school day in their backpacks. Bottles must have their name on them. 
Temperature Checks– Will be checked by the school nurse as needed.

Parents are highly encouraged to screen students every morning prior to the school day. Classroom teachers can monitor temperature checks as needed. Any child with a temperature of 100.4 or above will be sent to the school nurse until a parent can come pick up the child. If a student runs a temperature or shows symptoms throughout the school day, they will follow the same procedure. Symptoms of potential illness include but are not limited to: 



Sore Throat

Muscle Aches

Difficulty breathing

Loss of taste or smell

The schedule will be revised to ensure only one classroom is transitioning to restrooms, lunchroom, and elsewhere at separate times. Students will be social-distanced while walking in line. 

Arrival Arrival time is no earlier than 7:35 a.m. Due to social distancing and CDC guidelines students will not be allowed on the school property before 7:35 a.m. Students need to stay in their parents car until 7:35 A.M.



Staff and students will sanitize hands upon arrival at one of the sanitizing stations placed throughout the school. 

Between 7:35 A.M. -7:50 A.M. students will report directly to their homerooms upon arrival. 

  • All students will enter through the lunchroom and go to designated seating for grades in the auditorium and the lunchroom.  After 7:35 AM students will come into the lunchroom and then go directly to their homeroom class.  Teachers will be monitoring hallways throughout the building. Parents we are highly encouraging students to arrive by 7:45 A.M. to help the teachers to get them to their necessary classrooms.
  • Students who arrive after 7:50 A.M. must come to the front office door and the SRO will let the student in and the secretary will sign them in.  
  • No parents will be allowed in the building at this time. Parents will need to make contact with the SRO and/ or use the intercom to make sure that the child is accounted for and signed in if late. 


Breakfast Breakfast will be offered in the student’s classroom starting at 7:35 and concluding at 7:50. Students arriving after 7:50 A.M. will have to be checked in at the front door with a parent and will go directly to their classroom.  Teachers will be monitoring these areas.  Parents please remember you must sign your children in if they are late after 7:50 A.M. at the front door. 
Resource Classes- (Strings, Art, Music) Students will not travel to a resource classroom, such as music class. Those teachers will be scheduled to come into the classrooms to conduct classes.  
Child Nutrition Program (Lunch) Only Kindergarten students will eat in the lunchroom. Social distancing stickers have been placed on each seat and each student will have an assigned seat. Students might be able to eat outside in outdoor areas if weather permits.   Parents please use the online system to enter the information needed to register your child for lunch.  This information can be found on the school website.  All forms will need to be completed by the parent online. All students in one family can use the same form.  Please use: {Myschoolapps.com} for completing the form online. 
Physical Education PE will take place outdoors as much as weather permits. Social distancing will be implemented for inside PE. Students in grades 2-5 will wear masks during PE. 
Dismissal ALL Parents will need to stay in their cars due to COVID-19 and come through a carline.  
After School EDGE Please sign up for our afterschool program by visiting W.E. Striplin Elementary Facebook page. If you need assistance please email Mr. Ash at aash@gadsdencityschools.org
Visitors  In order to minimize potential exposures, NO VISITORS will be allowed to enter classrooms or attend lunch. Parents may schedule virtual meetings with teachers during teacher planning times through Google Meet or Zoom. No outside goods, such as birthday items, balloons, etc. are allowed.
Events/Club  School events/clubs will follow the Alabama Department of Public Health and CDC recommendations on gatherings, and are subject to approval by Gadsden City Schools School Board. 

There will be No field trips scheduled for this year.

Nurse/Sick Child Procedures/Medications Students that become ill during the school day will go to the school nurse’s office. If they are showing symptoms of illness, they will be monitored in an isolated room until a parent can come and pick the child up. Please refer to the system plan to see protocol for students that test positive with COVID-19.

Parents will be required to call the school nurse during school hours to sign in or sign out medicines.  We are encouraging parents to give their child their medication before arrival to school if possible.  If the student needs medication during the school day the parent must meet with the school nurse outside of the building for sign in or out of medications.  

Sanitation All areas of the school will be sanitized throughout the school day and at the end of every school day. 
Hand Sanitizing stations will be installed throughout the school. 
Students will be encouraged to wash hands frequently, and will be taught proper procedures by classroom teachers, counselor, and the school nurse. 
The nurse’s office will have a well-child area for routine medications and other needs. There will be a separate room for sick children exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms. We are asking all parents if they can give medication at home this needs to occur this school year.  If the student needs midday medications the school nurse will handle this duty.  If you are signing in meds you will need to call the front office (256) 546-8616  and the school nurse can meet with you outside the building to count and sign the medications in. This is a CDC guideline please refer to the visitor section above.
Restroom breaks will be carefully scheduled and monitored by classroom teachers.  Restrooms will be sanitized multiple times throughout the day.


All students will be signed in/out at the front door using the bell system and the secretary will check id’s for check outs with the use of a camera system.  Only those on your check out list and proper ID will be allowed to check out your child, NO EXCEPTIONS!  We are asking that parents ring the bell and ask the secretary who they are needing and for what reason is the check in/out for so the secretary can document who and why the child is arriving/leaving.  No parents or visitors will be allowed in the building for check in or check out.  This will all be performed at the front door.  Parents please make sure to social distance and we will send the child out the door for you to pick up.  There will be NO Check outs after 2:30 P.M.



No upcoming events.